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obviously you’re stomach want’s some chicken

oh um well

i guess i want both 

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omg i saw “cook” into “cock” what’s wrong with me

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Send me a Ship


Who made the first move - 

Who said ‘I love you’ first -  

Do they fight -

Big spoon/ Little spoon -

Who wears the pants - 

Who remembers anniversaries - 

Who’s the better cook - 

Favorite activity -

How they would get engaged - 

How the wedding would be -

How many kids - 

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The flavor of your lips is enough to keep me here


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cp: zantafio/fantasio

warning: nsfw

kinda a sequel of a fic of Kady’s. Also thanks for Shar beta-read for me. Still feel weird about doing this but here you go, enjoy.

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Seriously, is there really going to have a spirou movie?

I just really hope they do, really hope.

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a gif for your ship capomontone <3

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Lucky Luke Tous à L’ouest

There is nothing to dislike about this movie.

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Brussels’ Comic Book Route

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YES anon YES

you understand me

azm che figata Lucky Luke!!!

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randy fails to notice that in most of their baby pictures howard is crying. mostly because of randy. also, on a related note: BABY HOWAAARRRDD. LIL ICECREAM SWIRL ANGEL.
thebestkindofbeehive asked


well i imagine howard was crybaby anyway. like… that tumblr post of toddlers crying and the dumb reason they’re having a tantrum, you know that post? 

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i don’t really have a personality it’s just sort of like


brokes face, lol

yeah broke is my favourite character closely followed by smash

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"Hey, I found your blog on Tumblr-"