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I…failed to go to US

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actually you have pretty much answereed what i wanted to know but then i was wondering about the one called The Illegals too o7o oh wait the merman comic has a nice start too aaah-- @v@;;
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Ah the illegals! Well that’s my originals story, but I’m not working on it so far. Because my teacher told me there are something there I still need to be developed. So now I just put it on my bookshelf and work on my other projects. Still doing some relate drawings time to time though.

Also if you are interested, I had already form it into books and sell it online, but it’s in Chinese and not available abroad. I will release the English version in the future but now I’m just too lazy to translate haha sorry.

so in want you can find some illegals strip here

and i forgot to tell you about the mermen story, it’s my next fanbook theme haha just wait and see

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#9 would be an obvious skip for me :)
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1. First impression:

omg this girl has lots of spirou scanslation!!!! MUST FOLLOW

2. Truth is: 

you adorable bby lemme cuddle yew

3. How old do you look: 

21 or 22

4. Have you ever made me laugh: 

hehe of cause

5. Have you ever made me mad: 

nah never :>

6. Best feature:


7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

we can totally go on a date or something

8. You’re my: 


9. Name in my phone: 


10. Should you post this too?

you should

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Benedict Cumberbatch harassing joggers in central park


Benedict Cumberbatch harassing joggers in central park

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story of my life 

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airbrush clouds cause Im lazy


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Drop an “If I were dating you…” In my ask. Anon or not.

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Cauvin, Ptit bout d’chique
Blake et Mortimer, Spirou
Troll de Troy, Boule et Bill
Delporte et Oncle Paul

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Hey, sorry for bothering you. But, how do you think Reverse!Chase, and Jack would think of each other?
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when people are very very nice to you and make you feel good about yourself



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Tom Waits, Blake et Mortimer, Clochette
Blueberry, Spirou, Rob-Vel
Jojo, les tuniques blueues, Spirou

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1951 Budweiser advertisement detail.

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Tintin wishes you a Happy Easter weekend!

- the adventures of Tintin is a series of comic books created by Belgian cartoonist, Geroges Remi (1907 - 1983), who worte under the pen name Hergé -

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Are you interested in boys or girls?
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