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Fantasio: Zanta~~ clothes selling two girls are say this Chinese are my good cousin!!! do you like this ?

Zantafio: …Uh….I think you need to learn some Chinese…my dear.


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as someone studying french at the beginning level (at university), do you have any recommendations for listening comprehension and pronunciation? merci!
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a language partner!!!! and are good places to start

afterwards you also have the option of watching shows/movies you’ve seen before in English and look for French dubs online. I wouldn’t totally recommend this route, especially if you’re using this route only, because it can actually be pretty tiring and you need to log in a lot of watching hours to really see a difference. At your level, toddler or young children shows are better for this type of practice because they speak more slowly and less slangy. 

but I really recommend either a tutor or a language partner. A language partner is often more fun because you’re not paying for it and you guys always aren’t strictly in “studying” mode. 

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come in if you dare

and must be love Fantasio as I do 

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I was been tagged by shanran22 for the ink splash challenge :B 

I would want to lick all the ink on his body

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the giveaway drawing for lightingashley25!!!

of her oc Wyatt

sorry it took so long ;-;

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rather be // clean bandit feat. jesse glynne

if you gave me a chance i would take it
it’s a shot in the dark but i’ll make it

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oh, and how it’s going? Soon you’ll buy Spirou/gaston albums in full french :D! it’s a good way to learn if you have both albums in french and english

just back from class, not doing so well tbh

I have some spirou albums actually, I would really love to have some Gaston they are so awesome!!!!!

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The same… or not?

Another ‘really interesting’ copy-pasting. The guy on the left, Walter, looks similar to Félix on the right (‘Modeste et Pompon’ is also by Franquin).

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artificialzombie replied to your post:but school why you no let sass take her french…

Aw, no, why :( come on, i will teach you french >:)

alright :V

((I’m taking outside french class tonight btw

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Artists’ struggles perfectly illustrated, by Franquin.

Translated by me. C:

An extract from Gaston #651.

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me on my way to steal your man

Damn Honey forget my man take me

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memes are people too 

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but school why you no let sass take her french course????

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Neon Series by Photographer Hid Saib.